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Wherever possible, we strive to positively impact the environment and the global community in which we work and live.

We continually invest in the improvement and digitalisation of our business processes, and look to support organisations that focus on growth, innovation and sustainable change for people, society and the environment.

Mi otro mundo logoMi otro mundo

Novagraaf supports the humanitarian association "Mi otro mundo" for disadvantaged children. As part of that support, Novagraaf Trademark Attorney, Aurélie Guetin undertook a humanitarian mission to Peru, distributing school supplies and T-shirts to the children.

Live once in 'Another World'

The school is called "MI OTRO MUNDO" (MY OTHER WORLD) and it is really appropriately named! Located in Zapallal, a shantytown near Lima, it brings an incredible and magical freshness to this place. Here, everything is done so that one forgets that two steps away someone is illegally constructing their house in the mountain because they cannot pay for a plot of land, accepting to make do without electricity and running water...This school brings colour to life, to the children's hearts and to those, like me, who are passing by... Helping "Mi Otro Mundo" is adding a little bit of red, yellow and pink where everything could remain grey. By offering materials and T-shirts to the schoolchildren, Novagraaf has given them a new opportunity to be filled with wonder and has added its touch of colour to this magnificent rainbow!

Mi otro mundo

Thank you on their behalf!

Aurélie Guetin

Thanks to Novagraaf/Gracias a Novagraaf

On behalf of all the members of Mi Otro Mundo, we would like to thank the company Novagraaf for its generosity and its support. The children of Mi Otro Mundo received T-shirts and school supplies from Novagraaf. And thanks again to Aurélie, working for the company, who has supported us by giving a workshop for the children and sending us donations.


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