Webinar: How to futureproof your trademark portfolio


Our experts discussed how to effectively manage an international brand portfolio in the face of new global challenges in two webinars in February. Speakers from GrandVision and Luxottica provided the business perspective with practical examples.

Trademark departments are constantly confronted with emerging challenges to manage brands in a digital world. While the massive virtual paradigm shift has provided more opportunities for brands to globalise quickly, it has also increased the number of trademark applications, the complexity of protecting trademarks and monitoring for infringement. On February 24, our experts discussed how to effectively manage an international trademark portfolio with the new (virtual) world challenges through the corporate lens, with speakers from GrandVision (AM session) and Luxottica (PM session). Both 45-minute webinars are hosted by Questel.

Watch recordings:

The panel covered the following topics in both sessions:

  • Today’s challenges: from NFTs to the new virtual world, increased complexity and trademark applications
  • Data tools to perform better choices
  • Legal updates to look at closely
  • Business cases from GrandVision/Luxottica

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